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Download PocoMan

Windows® V. 4.0
(Windows 95 thru XP)

PocoMan is a good, clean, wholesome, non-violent, game for the WHOLE family! (even this one). And it's really fun too.

Note: Family itself, need not be wholesome nor non-violent.

All the levels are solvable, whether you believe it or not. Get the hintbook and prove it to yourself.

PocoMan: Green Machine!

Add-on Level Pack

Green machine

Hungry for more?!

To all PocoManiacs around the world, in space, on the sea bottoms, and working mining contracts in the asteroid belt; Our new add-on PocoMan level-pack is ready!


It has 30 new levels, new graphics, new sounds, new colors. Some of these levels are REALLY REALLY hard. Not soft, easy, anti-hard, undifficult or nontough ... but H*A*R*D!

We're talking hours and hours and hours of agonizing, brutal, cortex-crushing Poco Fun! Be thrilled and amazed to find the following phrases tumble unbidden from your mouth over and over again:

  • "It's impossible!"
  • "How on earth did they get those things in there like that!"
  • "OK, OK, I'll be there in a minute!"
  • "Gosh, I really wish I had a PocoMan T-Shirt."